Art in the style of…db

The meaning of db; in its most basic form is simply a reflection of the letter d which reflects back as the letter b. It symbolises, the man in the mirror.

“How I see myself may not be how the world sees me”

My art is a reflection of my heart but most importantly, my creativity.

Art, in its entirety has always been to me about what you feel rather than what you see. One could say these are the hands that have guided the moulding of every piece of art I’ve created. The creation is simply beautiful and allows your talents and abilities to come alive. 

My experience in the creative industry spans over a decade and has been tried and tested. I have worked with an array of clients and companies, which in turn has produced a portfolio any designer would be happy to boast of.

Every project I’m entrusted with is treated with care, a keen attention to detail, but more importantly, respect, because your art is absolutely precious.

Therefore, you can have complete confidence that the assignment I have been given will be treated with the highest regard, whether big or small, I will do my utmost best to ensure my standard of work surpasses your expectations.

Welcome to the world of db Captures.


The quantity of skills I have acquired during my tenure as a creative individual is almost endless. The following list is simply a snapshot of my abilities.

Videography & Adobe Premiere Pro
Photography & Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop


Skills are a vital weapon to a creative’s arsenal; however, experience goes hand in hand with those talents. It is the key and without a doubt sets you apart from the competition.


I began my career as a videographer at the tender age of 16, editing full-length drama productions for DVD resale. Cinematography has and always will be a major part of my process, as my intended purpose is always to tell a story with every video I capture. I want the audience to be moved, captivated and completely consumed as each chapter unfolds.


I’ve had a keen interest in photography since the age of 19 years old; initially taking pictures of building architecture and park scenery on my mobile phone. Lines and perspective are the bread and butter of my photography mantra. Pictures speak a thousand words and my goal is that you read every single word through my lens.


Excellent writing is far more than just placing sentences and paragraphs together. Writing is art in its simplest form. I aim to captivate the reader, and keep their full attention as I articulate the things on my heart. A key ingredient to my writing is honesty and transparency, this is the foundation I build on.

Graphic Design

From websites, to illustrations, to flyers and logos, every aspect of the design process has always been a gratifying experience for me. I relish the task of bringing your ideas to life, it literally fills my heart with gladness when I’m able to successfully turn your concepts to something beautiful.